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Argentinean football association rejects Turner-Fox TV rights bid

Discussion in 'Daily Satellite TV News' started by Herocccam, Nov 25, 2016.

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    The Asociación de Fútbol Argentina (AFA) has said that the offer presented by Turner and Fox to buy TV football rights for a year is not enough.

    boca central futbolThe AFA is already working on a counter-proposal for the operator’s joint venture, and is also considering negotiating with other companies, even though no other formal offer has been presented as yet.

    According to official sources, Turner and Fox offered almost $130 million for the broadcasting rights of the Argentinean competition in 2017, $30 million less than expected. The AFA is aiming to get around $250 million per season for the TV rights.

    “We will also try to negotiate with the Government the rescission of the Fútbol Para Todos contract,” said Marcelo Tinelli, vice president of the San Lorenzo football club, right after the AFA meeting following the Turner-FOX proposal, according to Argentinean media. “We have to be clear with Fox, Turner and other networks. It’s possible we will get other bids in the future and we have to be open to them.”

    Since the Government announced the decision to terminate the public funding of football broadcasting, the AFA has had difficulties finding private partners willing to meet its demands. So far, the Turner-Fox proposal has been the most concrete offer, and the only one officially made.

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