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Channel 4 launches first interactive ads and enhances All 4 VOD offer

Discussion in 'Daily Satellite TV News' started by Herocccam, Nov 17, 2016.

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    The UK’s fourth largest broadcaster, Channel 4, has revealed a multi-million-pound increase in content investment and what it claims are the first ever interactive adverts on TV through a broadcast TV player.

    Channel 4 16 Nov 2016At its Upfronts 2017, Channel 4 showed its All 4 on-demand service’s brand new interface for big screens such as smart TVs and games consoles that will launch in the coming weeks, followed by new look home screens on iOS, Android and All4.com. The user experience design and interactions will be optimised for each platform in order to deliver an even more intuitive experience for the viewer. New home screens will offer a tailored proposition combining ‘human’ curation with data-driven personalisation designed to ensure each user experience has the most relevant and engaging proposition for them.

    The broadcaster also announced a multi-million-pound increase in investment of original and acquired online content for All 4 in 2017. This is in addition to brand-funded series which continue to expand, having delivered a total of 18 All 4 original series with 12 advertisers since the company’s Shorts slot launched in the summer of 2014.

    “This phase in All 4’s evolution sees us yank it out of the world of catch-up TV and into the expanding OTT space,” commented Richard Davidson-Houston, head of All 4 and digital content at Channel 4. “In all aspects of the user experience from editorial to design and functionality, All 4 is becoming more personal and intuitive to use. Time is precious and our mission is to ensure that All 4 always hits the spot.”

    Advertisers will also be able to take advantage of what Channel 4 claims are the first ever interactive adverts on TV through a broadcast TV player. Working exclusively with interactive technology firms Innovid and test partners including XBox, Alzheimer’s Research UK and Burberry, the first adverts will launch on Roku devices in November 2016, giving viewers the option to choose between different advert creative, watch additional content or spontaneously click-to-buy the products being advertised.

    The broadcaster’s current suite of interactive ad formats includes Ad Bloom; Ad Elect; Ad Extend; Ad Frame; Ad Link; Ad Shop; Ad Journey; and Ad 4 You. Channel 4 says that the development of interactive TV ads is driven by significant changes to the shape of on-demand viewing. While Channel 4 views on mobile devices continue to grow each year, currently up 33% year-on-year, the biggest growth, surpassing all platforms in 2016 for the first time, was with the big screen, boasting a 51% share of all All 4 views.

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