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Czech Radiokomunikace extends HbbTV

Discussion in 'Daily Satellite TV News' started by Herocccam, Nov 24, 2016.

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    Czech Radiokomunikace is launching HbbTV functionality for additional television channels. HbbTV services will now be available on the channels TV Barrandov and Slagr TV. Radiokomunikace's HbbTV services are used by FTV Prima and TV Ocko, for example. The operator is steadily developing the service. The latest milestone is the implementation of time synchronising with TV broadcasting in the order of tenths of seconds.

    The Hybrid broadcasting system HbbTV integrates traditional linear television and the internet. HbbTV is supported by Smart TVs and new types of TV set. Under Radiokomunikace's certification for DVB-T2, all TV sets must support internet connectivity, be ready for the new generation of digital broadcasting and support HbbTV services. Beside the possibility to watch internet broadcasting content, access to the TV archive, news and weather forecasts, HbbTV brings benefits to broadcasters and advertisers, too.

    As an infrastructure provider, Radiokomunikace offers channels a proprietary HbbTV manager service, allowing full management of the HbbTV sphere, including adding HbbTV applications, menu set-up and displaying the 'red button' on the TV screen. As part of time synchronisation with TV broadcasting, the service CRA HbbTV Manager offers a unique functionality that allows use of a branded red button during commercials from a specific advertiser, or at a given time of broadcasting.

    Based on the latest data from the research Digimonitor – TV, Broadcasting, User Preference 2016, about one third of respondents use connected TV, mainly from the younger generation. About 50 percent of respondents have a TV set allowing an internet connection. It found 17 percent of them do not use the internet via TV. The smart function or HbbTV function is used by 35 percent of men and 25 percent of women. The importance of non-linear TV content is growing; over 60 percent of population use TV archive services.

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