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Deluxe Entertainment acquires Vericom

Discussion in 'Daily Satellite TV News' started by Herocccam, Nov 20, 2016.

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    Deluxe Entertainment acquires Vericom

    Deluxe Entertainment Services Group has acquired Sweden’s Vericom, which specialises in IP video transport, including rich video formats such as 4K.

    deluxe logo 18 nov 2016Deluxe has been working with Vericom AB on this technology exclusively for the last four years, integrating it into Deluxe's MediaCloud linear playout service and Deluxe's Broadcast Delivery Network (BDN) for live events and sports.

    With more content production and distribution demands in the market than ever before, the entertainment and broadcast industries require more efficient and sophisticated solutions to handle this work. Using IP to move large video files through production, post and delivery of everything from feature films to VR provides an answer.

    “Deluxe, combined with Vericom’s software, has proven incredibly powerful in delivering high quality video streams over IP,” said Deluxe CEO John Wallace. “It is a viable alternative to traditional delivery via satellite or fibre with low latency and high security, and has enabled us to pioneer international 4K delivery and remote production using the public Internet. We have enjoyed a highly successful partnership with Vericom helping clients get their live events, sports, and video content out to audiences and users worldwide, on any platform.”

    Vericom’s core technology connects edge-based catcher/pitcher appliances that provide secure and high quality transmissions and receipts of up to 16 encoded high-resolution IP video streams per appliance pair across any type of wide area data network. The technology encompasses a data centre aggregation platform for all edge-based and locally originated IP streams that performs multiplexing functions to ensure that platform-compliant streams can be originated; and software h.264 encoder and decoder functionality that supports low latency encoding of SDI video signals and decoding of IP-based video signals out to SDI.

    As part of this acquisition, Deluxe will use the Vericom technology to expand its global BDN, which provides a low-cost distribution service for occasional use customers such as broadcasters, news and sports organisations. The technology will be a critical part of Deluxe’s technical roadmap for OTT and theatrical distribution in addition to its applications in digital production and post processes connecting Deluxe’s global creative teams.

    Wallace added: "As with our recent acquisition of Sfera, bringing Vericom into the Deluxe fold continues our strategy of investing in innovative technology that we can build on to provide efficient tools and services that help our clients thrive in the highly competitive global entertainment market. We believe we are just touching the surface of how IP transport's efficiency can be adopted to the emerging demands of the market through production, post and delivery."

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