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German digital media use to surpass TV viewing in 2017

Discussion in 'Daily Satellite TV News' started by Herocccam, Nov 18, 2016.

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    Germans will spend more time online than watching TV by next year, a new study by eMarketer has predicted.In 2017, German adults will spend 3 hours and 44 minutes per day online on desktop, laptops or mobile devices, a 5.8 percent increase on current rates, eMarketer forecasted. By contrast, daily TV viewing is likely to drop by 0.3 percent, to 3 hours and 38 minutes per day.
    The next year is also likely to mark the first time that Germans spend more time accessing the internet via mobile devices than on computers. Germans are likely to spend 1 hour and 41 minutes a day on mobile surfing, compared with 1 hour and 31 minutes on using the internet via PC.

    Traditional media usage is likely to drop in the next year. The average German currently spends 38 minutes per day reading print publications, which is predicted to drop to 37 minutes next year.

    According to eMarketer, Germany has Western Europe’s largest online population, with around 63.6 million internet users.

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