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HBO announces ‘aggressive’ price for Spanish IP launch

Discussion in 'Daily Satellite TV News' started by Herocccam, Nov 17, 2016.

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    HBO and Vodafone have made public HBO España’s initial price plan, catalogue and app portfolio ahead of the streaming platform’s imminent launch.

    Although no final release date has been given, HBO has activated the platform’s local website and is testing some of the apps, following the same model as it did with HBO Nordic.

    Most of the catalogue has been unveiled and includes recent productions like Westworld and The Young Pope as well as hits such as Game of Thrones, Girls and True Detective.

    Even though HBO España won’t stream Showtime titles as it does in other territories – Showtime’s portfolio is distributed through Telefónica’s Movistar in the country - it has included some Warner Bros productions such as Supergirl, The Flash and DC Legends of Tomorrow.

    The US company promises access to an initial catalogue of over 3,000 titles including documentaries, Hollywood blockbusters and kids’ shows. In addition, new episodes of The Night Of, Vinyl, Westworld and Divorce will be available as they premiere in the US.

    Prices have been set by Vodafone, HBO’s exclusive distributor. The British telco will give free access to HBO España for all its convergent clients while non-subscribers can have a month’s free trial.

    Subscribers to Red M and One M, the cheaper options, will get free streaming for three months after the platform’s launch or after signing up, while those choosing the premium packages, One L and XL and Red L and XL, will get free access for two years. After these trial periods, the price will be €7.99, the same as Netflix’s basic package.

    No details about how many simultaneous devices can be supported or the streaming quality have yet been unveiled.

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