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Important Q&A IPTV Services

Discussion in 'Announcements and News' started by Herocccam, Nov 9, 2016.

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    (Q) Is NFPS still going to offer IKS when the IPTV service available?
    (A) The new IPTV service is going to be offered as a side by side service along with the current IKS. If IKS goes down the IPTV service will remain up while we attempt to bring back the IKS service.

    (Q) What kind of equipment or receiver will I need for this new service?
    (A) We have tested numerous iptv receivers but at the moment we are only recommending the following boxes

    MAG254 (Recommended).
    MAG260 (Works but is very unstable)

    A very important tip regarding image quality on MAG2XX, they come with video output configured to SD by default and to get the best image quality you should adjust those settings to meet your TV capabilities. Here are the instructions to change video output:

    System Settings -> Video:

    For Full HD TVs (1080p) or higher:

    Video Output Mode: 1080p-60
    Graphic Resolution: 1920×1080

    For HD Ready TVs:

    Video Output Mode: 720p-60
    Graphic Resolution: 1280×720

    If you don’t have a HD TV then leave the default settings.

    This settings will give you a better image quality and a more stability.

    There are many STBs compatible with this new system but we highly recommend the MAG254 to make sure that the user will have the best experience.

    (Q) Can I use my roku box??
    (A) The roku box is not supported with the new service due to security concerns.

    (Q) Will the receiver I am currently using for IKS work with the new service?
    (A) No the iks stbs will not work with the IPTV service and we recommend against using the combined IKS / IPTV boxes as we believe they will not be able to deliver the kind of quality that stand alone IPTV boxes such as the MAG 254 can.

    (Q) Will I still need to have my Satellite Dish(s) to get IPTV?
    (A) NO! With the IPTV service you will not need your DISH, LNBS, SWITCHES, CABLE RUNS etc

    (Q) Can I connect my IPTV receiver to the internet using WiFi?
    (A) Possibly depending on the IPTV receiver but for best results we strongly recommend you use a network cable to connect your IPTV Receiver to your ROUTER/MODEM.

    (Q) How do these IPTV receivers work and how do they connect up to the servers?
    (A) Your mac address is used to enter a portal and connect to the IPTV server. When connected and select a channel it will be downloaded to your iptv receiver unencrypted as that is already done on the server end. In essence you are receiving streaming video and that is why you need unlimited bandwidth and a broadband connection with a download speed of 1.5Mbps or better.

    (Q) What is a MAC address?
    (A) A MAC address is a alpha/numeric number that is assigned to a NIC (network interface card) in any device. The NIC on your receiver is where you plug your network cable (cat 5 with RJ45 connectors) into with the other end going to your router/modem. Each NIC has it’s own assigned unique number.

    (Q) Will my current internet connection work with the IPTV service?
    (A) You will need a broadband internet connection and we recommend that your account have unlimited bandwidth usage. In addition you must be able to achieve a minimum download speed of 1.5 Mbps

    (Q) What is bandwidth and how much will I need for the new IPTV service?
    (A) Bandwidth measures how much data can flow through a specific connection at one time.

    Each internet service provider (ISP) has their own types of accounts. Some ISP’s have limited accounts and the amount of bandwidth allocated to you each month has a set figure and your usage is metered. If you exceed this allocation they charge a fee for the bandwidth used over your allocation. If you have a limited account the charges for extra bandwidth use can be VERY SIGNIFICANT.

    Some ISP’s provide unlimited bandwidth to all their subscribers and some charge a premium for unlimited accounts. The cost difference between a limited and unlimited bandwidth account from those ISP’s that charge for unlimited bandwidth is usually just a few dollars a month.

    WHY YOU NEED AN UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH ACCOUNT: IKS uses very little bandwidth as all you are getting through the internet are control words with the actual video received from your satellite dish. With IPTV it is streaming video and the actual content of what you are viewing is being sent over your internet connection.

    Therefore it is IMPORTANT if you want to use the NEW IPTV SERVICE and you do not already have an account with UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH that you contact your ISP and have your account updated to UNLIMITED. It is recommended that you do this before you use the new service because as stated some ISP’s charge a SIGNIFICANT amount of money for those that exceed their bandwidth allocation on limited accounts.

    HINT – if you live in an area that has numerous ISP’s available, when you call your ISP to update to unlimited bandwidth if the price seems a bit much inform them to hold off for the moment as you need to check with (name of other ISP’s) before you decide. ALL ISP’s want and need to keep thier customer base and you might find them OFFERING YOU A DEAL on UNLIMITED SERVICE!

    (Q) How do I find out whether i have limited or unlimited bandwidth on my internet connection.
    (A) If you do not know you will have to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If they ask why you want an unlimited bandwidth account which they probably will not just tell them that you are considering using one of the MANY IPTV services or NETFLIX . Do not use the name of this service when discussing your needs with your internet provider.

    (Q) How fast a download speed is necessary to get IPTV? How does this translate to “bandwidth”
    (A) The following are preliminary figures that have worked successfully in testing the mag 254 iptv receiver.

    TV Channels:

    SD 750Kbps
    HD 1Mbps

    VoD Movies:

    SD (microHD) 650Kbps
    HD (720p) 1.4Mbps

    We have done some tests with 1.5Mbps internet connection and we were able to watch SD and HD channels without freezing.

    Based on the internet speed required per content as defined above the following is estimated internet consumption (BANDWIDH) per month based on using your IPTV service 8 hours per day.

    Live TV Channels:

    SD = 750Kbps = 329.58 MB / Hour @ 8 Hours per Day = 81.73 GB / Month
    HD = 1 Mbps = 439.43 MB / Hour @ 8 Hours per Day = 108.98 GB / Month.

    VoD Movies:

    MicroHD = 650Kbps = 285.63 MB / Hour @ 8 Hours per Day = 70.83 GB / Month.
    HD = 1.4 Mbps = 615.21 MB / Hour @ 8 Hours per Day = 152.57 GB / Month.

    IPTV is not recommended for those users who don’t have an unlimited internet connection.

    (Q) How can I find out what my download speed is?
    (A) Use this link to test your download/upload speed (it’s free)

    WOW (WideOpenWest) Speed Test

    (Q) What will be the channel line up on the new IPTV service?
    (A) We will keep the same Charlie lineup so the channels list won’t change its order / content.

    (Q) Will BEV and the other providers such as Sky Mex, DN Mex, Clairo and Amazonas be included with the new service.?
    (A) Yes we will have programming from Charlie USA, BEV, Sky Mex, Clairo 50W and Media Net 67W included in the IPTV service.

    (Q) What is VoD (Video on Demand) and how does it work?
    (A) VoD (Video on Demand) is basically a Movies library where you can play the movies you want as many time as you want and when you want.

    (Q) What about MOVIES? Will we get the PPV’s that are on IKS?
    (A) Yes, There will be a VoD (Video on Demand) Library with the most recent movies in SD / HD and English / Spanish. We plan on a VoD of 500+ movies which will change as newer movies are added and some older ones are removed.

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