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SpaceX files plan with FCC for satellite broadband network

Discussion in 'Daily Satellite TV News' started by Herocccam, Nov 17, 2016.

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    Rocket launch specialist SpaceX has filed for FCC approval to launch a massive satellite network to provide global broadband coverage. The company has proposed orbiting as many as 4,425 satellites to deliver the services, Reuters reports from the documents.

    The proposed network would begin with the launch of about 800 satellites to expand internet access in the US, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The system is designed to provide a wide range of broadband and communications services for residential, commercial, institutional, government and professional users worldwide, SpaceX said.

    The company did not give a timeframe for rolling out the network. The satellites would be launched into orbits ranging from 714 miles to 823 miles (1,150-1,325 km) above Earth.

    Elon Musk, the founder and owner of SpaceX, first announced in January 2015 the plans for a global satellite internet network. He said the project would cost at least USD 10 billion. The company OneWeb is working on a similar project and has already started construction of the satellites.

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